Cowbridge Charter Trust

Old Hall Garden enhancement and Town Wall Project 2017/18

Cowbridge Charter Trust cio has successfully applied to the Welsh Government for a grant from the Rural Community Development Fund (RCDF) for a project to enhance Old Hall Gardens and its surrounding area. This includes building a canopy over the Children’s Story Space to enable year-round use and installing an electronic story board outside the Library giving the history of the town, its gardens and its wildlife.

The Project will also include removing the dangerous cattle market structures from the Town Wall enabling the Wall to be visible in their entirety from outside the garden for the first time in nearly 100 years and eventually permitting a landscaped extension of the existing car park.

  The clearance of the building and pens will remove an eyesore to the town. It is also a very dangerous area, accessible to anyone, from children to vandals. Broken parts of the asbestos roof have been smashed and litter the floor along with broken bottles and other rubbish.

The Trust's suggested design with the Wall restored and illuminated for the car park extension after the cattle shed is removed.